Analysis of the characteristics of ABSPMMA alloy plastics

ABS and PMMA have good confidentiality. If the content of acrylonitrile in ABS is properly adjusted, alloys with better compatibility can be obtained. In addition, if the rubber particle size in ABS is appropriately adjusted so that the refractive index of the rubber phase and the master batch phase are close to each other, an alloy with good transparency and impact resistance can also be obtained.

The characteristics of ABS/PMMA alloy are: high surface hardness, high rigidity, good scratch resistance; good appearance and colorability (especially black) of products; excellent processing performance. The disadvantage is that the heat resistance is not ideal, and manufacturers are making efforts to improve it. Recently, a heat-resistant grade with a Vicat softening point of up to 110 °C has been developed.

ABS/PMMA alloy is a kind of material with excellent performance. It retains the good processability and toughness of ABS, and at the same time has the advantages of excellent weather resistance, surface hardness and gloss of PMMA, machining PMMA alloy better than ABS. Lots of weather resistance, scratch resistance and gloss. The products are widely used in various electrical, electronic and miscellaneous accessories that require bright appearance, especially large household appliances such as LCD TVs, achieving high gloss and spray-free.